BC Liberal failures in seniors care

BC Liberal failures in seniors care

Posted on October 13, 2020 at 4:46 pm by Bill Roberts
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What the BC Liberals did:

  • BC Liberal Bills 29 and 94 devastated long-term care and led to the layoffs of 10,000 workers, most of whom were women. This led to wage cuts and forced many workers to work at multiple facilities.
  • When the pandemic hit, this led to the spread of COVID-19 between facilities. BC’s single-site order stopped that practice.
  • When the BC Liberals left office, the Seniors Advocate reported that 90% of care homes failed to meet the government’s own staffing standards.

The BC NDP is fixing the problems the BC Liberals left behind:

  • Hiring 7,000 new health care workers in long term and assisted living, and is on track to meet or exceed staffing standards in every region of the province by 2021.
  • Eliminating multi-bed rooms in health authority-owned long-term care facilities, giving seniors more dignity.
  • Building new, better public long-term care homes with new beds, instead of handing hundreds of millions of dollars to for-profit corporations.
  • Making sure private operators deliver better care with new requirements to ensure they deliver the care they are paid to and are more accountable for the public dollars they receive.
  • Paying care workers fairly with “levelled up” wages and benefits, even after the pandemic ends.