Writ Day

Writ Day

Kamloops-North Thompson, Kamloops-South Thompson
Tuesday April 11, 2017

The day the election is scheduled to be officially called.

A general election is an election for every electoral district in the province. In a general election, voters in each electoral district elect an MLA on the same day.

While a general election can seem like one election, it is actually many separate elections happening at the same time.

To call a general election, the Premier asks the Lieutenant Governor to dissolve the Legislative Assembly. If the Lieutenant Governor agrees, the Chief Electoral Officer is asked to issue the writs of election.

A writ is a formal document addressed to each District Electoral Officer. It includes the dates for nominating candidates, General Voting Day and when the writ is to be returned to the Chief Electoral Officer.

When the writs are issued by the Chief Electoral Officer, an election is called.