Horgan to create 18,000 jobs a year building transit, roads and more

Horgan to create 18,000 jobs a year building transit, roads and more

Posted on October 8, 2020 at 8:35 am by Bill Roberts
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The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged our province in ways we could never have imagined. It has taught us how strong we can be when we work together and driven home the importance of public services to our lives.

Andrew Wilkinson would take us backwards at a time we can least afford it. His plan gives a tax cut to people buying yachts and luxury cars, and $3 billion in giveaways to large businesses and real estate speculators. He would help those at the top and make everyone else pay for it. With higher fees, car insurance, tolls and tuition fees. Or cuts the services people rely on, like health care and public transit.

John Horgan’s plan keeps BC moving forward—for all of us. It makes life easier for families, with a new $1,000 recovery benefit and expanded $10 a day childcare. It protects our health, with 7,000 new long-term care workers and a 10 year cancer plan. And it creates new opportunities, by investing in targeted tax credits for small businesses to hire back workers.

John’s plan will invest an additional $9-billion over the next three years to create 18,000 jobs a year—building hospitals, schools, roads, and expanding public transit systems. Today, John is in Langley to announce that a re-elected NDP government will build the full Surrey-Langley Skytrain to Langley. Public transit expansion projects like this are a win-win-win. They cut gridlock and commute times, reduce pollution, and create jobs.

Under John’s plan, we’ll get through this pandemic, together and build a better future for everyone.