Kamloops-North Thompson Announces Sadie Hunter as Candidate for 2020 Provincial Election

Kamloops-North Thompson Announces Sadie Hunter as Candidate for 2020 Provincial Election

Posted on September 28, 2020 at 10:22 am by Darryl
Kamloops-North Thompson, Provincial

Today, Sadie Hunter was announced as the NDP candidate for Kamloops-North Thompson.

Sadie Hunter moved to Kamloops from a small town in the Peace River region in 2001, along with her then three-year-old son with big ambitions to build a better life for her family. She subsequently completed a Bachelor of Journalism, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology and a Master of Science in Environmental Science, with a focus on Policy & Planning – all while living below the poverty line as a single parent.

Having lived in both urban and rural BC for extended periods of time, Sadie understands the complex challenges and needs of both types of community. Her experience will provide the insight and ability to effectively represent the interests of people across the entire Kamloops-North Thompson region.

Sadie is passionate about finding solutions through conversation and dialogue. Her academic background in both journalism and science and professional background in both the resource and not-for-profit sectors offers her a unique perspective and understanding of complex issues. She will bring this experience to the provincial conversation, with a focus on creating and advocating for inclusive and innovative policies and solutions—helping to keep BC moving forward for everyone.

Currently elected to the Kamloops City Council, and recently elected Union of BC Municipalities Director at Large, Sadie also owns her own communications and business development consulting business. She spends her downtime with her family exploring the beautiful backyard we all share in BC.

Opportunities to safely interact with Sadie will be posted on our Events Page as well as our Facebook page.