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Sign Help/Info

The map above will show the location of all signs that have been installed.
Currently 4x4 signs will be shown with an orange marker and other signs will be shown with a red marker
Clicking on a sign marker will dispay the sign type and address.


You can filter what signs are displayed by the type of sign and/or the candidate. Choose your parameters in the Filter Signs box and click the Submit button. To reset the page to display all signs, click the Reset button.


Under the map and above these instructions, you'll see a listing of all sign locations.
Each locations displays:
  • Candidate name or No Candidate if no candidate name was selected
  • Location name. This is clickable to display more information about the location
  • Sign type
  • Address
  • Button to view and edit the listing
  • Button to zoom to the location
You will also notice an icon in the top right corder of the location box.
  • Sign has been installed
  • Sign has not been installed
  • Sign has been installed and removed (end of campaign)