Why not the Greens?

Why not the Greens?

Posted on February 10, 2021 at 12:02 pm by Bill Roberts
BC, Community, Editorial, Provincial

The Greens have brought the climate crisis front and center, for which they deserve a lot of credit. As they have very rightly pointed out, climate is an issue that cuts across all political parties. It affects everyone. Consequently, they have aimed to put together a broad political coalition that focuses on climate issues.

But if the Greens ever formed government, their challenge would be how to address issues like education, health care, child care, housing, employment, wages, and so forth – all those areas where climate is not a central aspect (although of course there are implications for climate that have to be kept in mind in everything we do).

Although there are many progressives in the Green party (and I include our local Green supporters and their recent candidate), there are also many who are more socially conservative – but also rightly concerned about the climate.

But that means that the Greens are a “big tent” party, not a progressive party. Because climate is an issue that cuts across the entire political spectrum, a party that focuses on climate has to accommodate its other policies and actions to that wide spectrum. We know where the Greens stand on climate. We don’t know where they stand on all the other issues involved in looking after the community as a whole – issues that would demand action if they were in power.

Which is why I, myself, prefer the NDP. It is a party that is concerned about climate – very concerned – but it is also concerned about education, child care, health, and with helping people and the community as a whole.

Being human, mistakes are made; but overall, I think the NDP government has done well in many areas. Resources are always limited; priorities are always important. Those of us who are concerned about climate – just like those of us who are concerned about education, health care, and the environment – need to make sure that our voices are heard – by a party that cares about all these things.